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Eddie Bruce

A Drifter's Legacy

Eddie Bruce - About the author and his anthology "A Drifter's Legacy."

Eddie Bruce was born near Elgin in the North East of Scotland. He has variously been employed as distiller's clerk, whisky blender, coal miner, brewer's drayman, mobile librarian, London bus driver, trucker, builder's labourer, factory worker, etc. Now retired, he lives with his wife Muriel at Waltham Abbey in Essex.

A recovering alcoholic, Eddie wrote his stories in an effort to uncover the past, hoping that by doing so he might better understand where it all went wrong - or at least find a clue to his real (sober) identity. Thanks to the Internet, the tales, mainly fiction based on fact, achieved acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. Upon publication Essex Cultural Services Magazine "Word" said "EDDIE BRUCE'S FIRST COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES TOLD WITH THE CONFIDENCE AND FLAIR OF A NATURAL STORYTELLER."

Two stories, "Gulf" and "Tarradale's Option" are tributes to the Sutherland crofting community amongst whom the author was privileged to live for three years, while "Orra Loon" and "Bonny in Black" are set on Speyside and culled from his experiences growing up in that district.

For "Insulated Conductor," a humorous tale of life on London Buses, Ed adds a cockney touch, as with "Potholes and Speed" and "Dodgy Night Out," having worked for three years with London Transport and a few more learning the quirks of the furniture removal trade.

"Friendly Fire" draws on his hazy recollections of life in Jersey in the sixties, highlighting the destructive self-indulgence of those days and the inevitable consequences for those involved.

"Jerusalem" and "My Brother's Keeper" are practically autobiographical, charting how he eventually reached the stage of reaching out for help for his addiction at the expense of a life-long friendship.


Reviewed by Bob Church, Quincy, Illinois, U.S.A. for

Few short story anthologies possess the ability to continually change pace while simultaneously controlling their content. Mr. Bruce delighted me with his timing and amazed me with his craft as he blended hyperbole with sentiment, Cockney slang with Edwardian sophistication, all mixed together with a smattering of Highland dialect.

This book understands the nuances of life offered to those who work for a living yet its understated tone allows the reader to read between the lines and draw conclusions without being clubbed by trite metaphors or bawdy language. It is, quite simply, elegance without the pretence. To his credit, the author refuses to bemoan his characters' simple existence. Rather, he elevates them through their own actions as they deal with life in its barest sense.

Folks, this is a great book. Miss it at your own peril.


David Gardiner. London, U.K., author of "The Rainbow Man and other stories".

Written with a wonderful sense of irony and dry humour, acclaimed and emulated by fellow-writers for their technical perfection, these stories will reduce you successively to shocked silence and helpless laughter. Mr. Bruce can find humour in tragedy and a vein of sadness just below the surface of comedy. These could only have been written by someone who had lived a long life in the role of an outsider and who understands the uneasy truce that defines the end point in the battle against alcoholism. A truly riveting and unforgettable journey through the soul of a superb storyteller with a wealth of stories to tell."


Jackie R Jinks from Arlington, TX United States.

Eddie Bruce will take you into the lives of totally believable people...they are real! You will laugh and cry and become involved with each story and character. Mr. Bruce writes of life that many of us never experience, fortunately; yet we can experience through his words, and be understanding. I consider this a 'must-read' for everyone interested in learning more about people of the world...especially the 'unfortunate' who become the 'fortunate'.

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